Government says symptoms of infection include fever, disorientation, seizures, vomiting . . . Gas prices rising across the nation, up 38 cents in last month... Military personnel stationed across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia . . . Face masks on eBay go for more $40+ each . . . State Universities enforce 6 pm curfew for all students . . . Mob at drug store leaves 9 dead, 14 injured . . . All flights to Alaska and Hawaii cancelled indefinitely . . . How to Survive Anything, Anywhere by Chris McNab tops bestseller lists . . . Red Cross calls for volunteers with medical-related experience . . . Young girl creates chaos at the Memphis State Zoo . . . Suspicious video shows shadowed creature jumping from tree to tree . . . President will address the nation in televised speech Thursday at 7 PM.

Archive for April, 2010

Map Update

Friday, April 30th

Couldn’t sleep so I dropped in more pushpins on the map for all the emails I’ve gotten reporting infections or casualties. Terrifying. It looks as if it’s spreading in twelve directions. I wonder which spoke Subject Zero is at the front of.

Rap Sheets Uncovered

Tuesday, April 27th

Two rap sheets. I guess that’s what you’d call them. Oh God, I don’t know. At this point there’s not a whole lot of worrying about semantics. They arrived in my inbox courtesy of jfsdavis, whoever he or she is, at the Department of Homeland Security. I don’t know who these people are, except that for whatever reason, my last blog post brought this my way. I’m going to try to, oh Christ, I don’t know. I made the mistake of telling Meredith about them, showing her what they were. I’m going to try to upload them here. My thought is that they’ll probably be gone in an hour or two but if you’ve been following my blog so far then here they are.

Colorado Shut Down

Tuesday, April 27th

Check out this article from today’s paper. This definitely seems to confirm what people have emailed in to me (see the outbreak map) but seeing it in print makes it seem so much more real. I just pray this isn’t spreading too fast to stop.

Here It Is

Thursday, April 22nd

BlankVader, opened your email. Looks legit to me. Wish it didn’t.

I’ll say this—somebody at the Texas DOC site knows a little bit about internet security, and it’s stitched up pretty tight. But I got through it without much of a problem—benefit of working IT for ten years, I guess.

What I found was this—some directory labeled ProjectNoah that just had a couple of emails and documents of information on two convicts on death row, Anthony Lloyd Carter and a guy called William J. Reinhardt, both sentenced to lethal injection, murder one and charges of pedophilia, respectively. Fanning was supposedly transferred out of Green River State Penitentiary last fall, just weeks before execution. Then they just disappeared. The DOC didn’t take them anywhere, and it didn’t execute them either. What it tried to do, it looks like, is wipe their records away completely—social security numbers, dates of birth, criminal history—like they never existed. The only thing they missed was the initial transfer order itself. It’s just hanging there like a stub.

Where did they go. What the hell is Project Noah?

Damn Radio

Thursday, April 22nd

Today while I was out getting groceries, I made the mistake of turning on the radio and caught the end of that report about the mass suicide in Iowa. 23 dead in a dairy barn— apparently they’d rather die than become infected. Went to turn the radio off, but had already heard more than enough. That’ll teach me.

“You might want to consider a home delivery.”

Tuesday, April 20th

Drove Meredith to Dr. Meachum’s office today. We got as far as the parking lot — it was worse than Wal-Mart, no parking spots anywhere. You could see people lined up outside the clinic, some of them in wheelchairs, wearing masks, others laid out on the grass, old people, little kids – man, those were the hardest to look at. Meredith was in the passenger seat, doubled over and crying, scared and in pain. She kept asking, “What if it’s the baby, what if there’s something wrong,” and I didn’t know what to say to her, I just held her hand and tried to tell her it was going to be all right. How would I know? But it seemed to help. (more…)

What About Where You Live?

Saturday, April 17th

Okay, now I’m sitting up here in my study with the laptop and a half-empty bottle of bourbon, typing the words and it seems like it happened to a different person. It’s late and the house is quiet—if I listen I can actually hear Meredith down the hall, sleeping. She has to sleep on her side with a pillow between her knees. Dr. Meachum says that’s best. I’m going to post this now and try to keep it as updated as possible. If you’re reading it, and anything like this is happening where you live, I hope you’ll leave a comment.

Hysteria Hits St. Louis

Thursday, April 15th

I saw a woman killed this morning.

After breakfast, Meredith sent me out for supplies. The parking lot was jammed, and on the way in I saw a fight break out between two guys over an empty spot. I just kept my eyes straight ahead and kept walking. (more…)

More Map Updates

Wednesday, April 14th

Are you watching this map? It’s scaring the hell out of me.


Monday, April 12th

I guess a few of you found this site. One of you emailed me a copy of a quarantine sign that they’re using in your town. I’ve thrown it up in our “initiatives” section. Feel free to use it if it will help stop the spread.

Here’s hoping you don’t need to use it.

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