Government says symptoms of infection include fever, disorientation, seizures, vomiting . . . Gas prices rising across the nation, up 38 cents in last month... Military personnel stationed across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia . . . Face masks on eBay go for more $40+ each . . . State Universities enforce 6 pm curfew for all students . . . Mob at drug store leaves 9 dead, 14 injured . . . All flights to Alaska and Hawaii cancelled indefinitely . . . How to Survive Anything, Anywhere by Chris McNab tops bestseller lists . . . Red Cross calls for volunteers with medical-related experience . . . Young girl creates chaos at the Memphis State Zoo . . . Suspicious video shows shadowed creature jumping from tree to tree . . . President will address the nation in televised speech Thursday at 7 PM.

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Wednesday, July 7th

It’s hard to know what to believe any more. But with so many reports of infections coming in, It’s become terrifying to even browse the web.

It makes me wonder if we can stop this, even if we manage to find the legendary Subject Zero – or if there even IS a Subject Zero anymore to find.

All I care at this point is staying alive. And Meredith staying alive. And to see our baby be born safely.

Help spread the word. Maybe people will quarantine themselves to protect their loved ones, if they know they’re sick. Feel free to post the banners below on your site. Every little bit helps. It feels like we’re fighting a losing battle here. But I’m not ready to give up.

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New Video Footage

Saturday, June 5th

More video evidence — you be the judge as to if it’s real. I don’t want it to be, but it sure looks real to me. And after what I saw the other night, I’m a believer. Meredith cried when saw this.

Someone please find a way to stop this.

Heavy Reading

Friday, May 28th

Sorry about the delay in posting again. Email pours into the mailbox at a pretty scary rate. And the one I got last night took a bit to get through. You’re going to have to experience it for yourself. I’m not sure if this is ties into what Project Noah is, or has to do with who Subject Zero is, but it’s freaking me out. And as each day passes, I’m believing more and more what people are emailing me, and believing less and less what the media is saying.

Not much text accompanied this in the email. Only this:

From the computer files of Jonas Abbott Lear, PhD
Profesor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University
Assigned to United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID)
Department of Paleovirology, Fort Detrick, MD

See for yourself.

What I Saw

Thursday, May 27th

Saw something in the trees tonight. Over the woodpile.

My heart’s still pounding so hard that I can hardly hit the keys. I keep thinking I should go up and tell Meredith but part of me knows it would only make it worse. I’ve got the radio turned onto a late night AM talk show and people keep calling in talking about The Conspiracy—


Okay. That’s better. I took a minute and turned off the radio and got my shit together. I know what I saw, and now I know what they’re saying…well, once you’ve seen it with your own eyes, it’s different.

Full disclosure: I’ve gotten six emails in the last two days warning me about this blog. The incoming email address is supposedly the Department of Homeland Security, but for all I know, it’s just another scare tactic. But after what I saw out by the woodpile tonight, I don’t need the radio anymore. I can find out everything I need from the Internet. Like the video. And the rap sheets. And the newspaper article.

Meredith and I were up painting the baby’s room when I heard a noise outside, around back. I told her to stay upstairs. She started to say something back and I went downstairs before she could. Stupidly, I went outside without a flashlight – forgot about the porch light being out. It was pitch dark and I stopped on the porch to let my eyes adjust.

Then I heard it. The branches shook in the big tree overhead and when I looked up I saw something flash down, rattling the braches, bigger than an animal. I ran back inside and got the door closed and locked it. Meredith looked at me, but I couldn’t say anything.

And now, I’ve got my email icon flashing. Message from

I don’t want to open it.


Tuesday, May 25th

We based our Twitter diagnosis application on all the rumors that have gone around about what symptoms people show when they’re sick. I’m feeling more certain that this is truth, not fiction, given that someone sent me an email with a file of DANGER signs. No text in the email, and the return email address was fake, but the document was named PROJECTNOAHSIGNAGE.pdf. Check them out yourself.

Video Footage Uncovered

Saturday, May 8th

A couple of hours ago, I got the most terrifying email yet to the mailbox. It was a video file, and with a short anonymous note attached to it that just said “Her name is Lisa. I Skyped with her all the time. This is real.”

How come the media isn’t showing THIS? Why does footage like this have to be sent anonymously (although I did trace the IP address back, and yeah, it IS from Colorado.) I’m putting this up on YouTube and every video site I can find. Hopefully enough people will see this before they shut us down.

See for yourself.

Map Update

Friday, April 30th

Couldn’t sleep so I dropped in more pushpins on the map for all the emails I’ve gotten reporting infections or casualties. Terrifying. It looks as if it’s spreading in twelve directions. I wonder which spoke Subject Zero is at the front of.

Rap Sheets Uncovered

Tuesday, April 27th

Two rap sheets. I guess that’s what you’d call them. Oh God, I don’t know. At this point there’s not a whole lot of worrying about semantics. They arrived in my inbox courtesy of jfsdavis, whoever he or she is, at the Department of Homeland Security. I don’t know who these people are, except that for whatever reason, my last blog post brought this my way. I’m going to try to, oh Christ, I don’t know. I made the mistake of telling Meredith about them, showing her what they were. I’m going to try to upload them here. My thought is that they’ll probably be gone in an hour or two but if you’ve been following my blog so far then here they are.

Colorado Shut Down

Tuesday, April 27th

Check out this article from today’s paper. This definitely seems to confirm what people have emailed in to me (see the outbreak map) but seeing it in print makes it seem so much more real. I just pray this isn’t spreading too fast to stop.

Here It Is

Thursday, April 22nd

BlankVader, opened your email. Looks legit to me. Wish it didn’t.

I’ll say this—somebody at the Texas DOC site knows a little bit about internet security, and it’s stitched up pretty tight. But I got through it without much of a problem—benefit of working IT for ten years, I guess.

What I found was this—some directory labeled ProjectNoah that just had a couple of emails and documents of information on two convicts on death row, Anthony Lloyd Carter and a guy called William J. Reinhardt, both sentenced to lethal injection, murder one and charges of pedophilia, respectively. Fanning was supposedly transferred out of Green River State Penitentiary last fall, just weeks before execution. Then they just disappeared. The DOC didn’t take them anywhere, and it didn’t execute them either. What it tried to do, it looks like, is wipe their records away completely—social security numbers, dates of birth, criminal history—like they never existed. The only thing they missed was the initial transfer order itself. It’s just hanging there like a stub.

Where did they go. What the hell is Project Noah?

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