Government says symptoms of infection include fever, disorientation, seizures, vomiting . . . Gas prices rising across the nation, up 38 cents in last month... Military personnel stationed across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia . . . Face masks on eBay go for more $40+ each . . . State Universities enforce 6 pm curfew for all students . . . Mob at drug store leaves 9 dead, 14 injured . . . All flights to Alaska and Hawaii cancelled indefinitely . . . How to Survive Anything, Anywhere by Chris McNab tops bestseller lists . . . Red Cross calls for volunteers with medical-related experience . . . Young girl creates chaos at the Memphis State Zoo . . . Suspicious video shows shadowed creature jumping from tree to tree . . . President will address the nation in televised speech Thursday at 7 PM.

Damn Radio

Today while I was out getting groceries, I made the mistake of turning on the radio and caught the end of that report about the mass suicide in Iowa. 23 dead in a dairy barn— apparently they’d rather die than become infected. Went to turn the radio off, but had already heard more than enough. That’ll teach me.


2 Responses to “Damn Radio”

  1. Jimmy Fortney says:
    April 22 at 7:13 pm

    I heard that report from Iowa too. Now it’s looking like it wasn’t a suicide. Something outside the barn had them locked inside. Of course if you believe what the Army says, there is no crisis. How reassuring.

  2. BlankVader says:
    April 22 at 8:14 pm

    Of course they’re going to say there’s nothing wrong. They’re the ones that created it. I’m sending you some info I found from the Texas Department of Corrections before they take it down. It’s probably already too late but if it’s real then things are a lot worse than anybody thinks.

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