Government says symptoms of infection include fever, disorientation, seizures, vomiting . . . Gas prices rising across the nation, up 38 cents in last month... Military personnel stationed across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia . . . Face masks on eBay go for more $40+ each . . . State Universities enforce 6 pm curfew for all students . . . Mob at drug store leaves 9 dead, 14 injured . . . All flights to Alaska and Hawaii cancelled indefinitely . . . How to Survive Anything, Anywhere by Chris McNab tops bestseller lists . . . Red Cross calls for volunteers with medical-related experience . . . Young girl creates chaos at the Memphis State Zoo . . . Suspicious video shows shadowed creature jumping from tree to tree . . . President will address the nation in televised speech Thursday at 7 PM.

Heavy Reading

Sorry about the delay in posting again. Email pours into the mailbox at a pretty scary rate. And the one I got last night took a bit to get through. You’re going to have to experience it for yourself. I’m not sure if this is ties into what Project Noah is, or has to do with who Subject Zero is, but it’s freaking me out. And as each day passes, I’m believing more and more what people are emailing me, and believing less and less what the media is saying.

Not much text accompanied this in the email. Only this:

From the computer files of Jonas Abbott Lear, PhD
Profesor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University
Assigned to United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID)
Department of Paleovirology, Fort Detrick, MD

See for yourself.


2 Responses to “Heavy Reading”

  1. Crasol says:
    May 29 at 7:09 pm

    freaking out now isn’t a good idea stay calm its never good to panic

  2. Techy Gurl says:
    July 7 at 8:05 pm

    This, according to information from police computers:

    A Queer Creek woman, hopped up on pharmies and apparently fearful, shot and killed herself Wednesday night.

    Police were called to the Queer Creek home of 52-year-old Susan Quince at about 9:45 p.m. on Wednesday by a Mr. Quilty, who reported that he heard her boyfriend, Raoul Mendoza screaming as though he was being torn to pieces.

    When officers got to the scene at 26220 Lemoyne Avenue in Queer Creek, they noticed the crime scene was highly unusual. Quince was seated on the couch, dead. The police say the only evidence of a prior crime was “a little blood” and some scraps of human flesh and bone on the porch.

    Quilty told officers that he was watching television next door when he heard a man
    scream. When he went to see what happened, he saw Quince covering her mouth as if to vomit, trembling and crying, and then run inside. He then heard a pop.

    Quilty said the couple had a history of “pushing each other’s emotional buttons,” then carrying their fights outside.

    The killing/disappearance of Mendoza has all the earmarks of similar events that have taken place since the so-called viral outbreak began.

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